Content Creator, Ultimate Side Hustler, Software Consultant, Maker, & Woodworker

John crafted this table for All That's Good Production Co. using multiple technologies: Woodworiking, 3D Printing, CNC and Electronics.

John built and presented this custom coffee table for All That's Good Production Co.




John DiStefano is a Content Creator who shows others that it is possible to Do It Yourself instead of calling a contractor. But it isn't just contractor related. John (U Do It) shows you everything from changing your fuel filter to designing a part in Fusion360 to be 3D Printed.  Oh and John still thinks he's a kid - he livestreams gameplay with games like Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty Zombies.




John supports the Content Creator community...


John is an active member of the Content Creator community and shares his knowledge gained so that the next YouTuber is more prepared.  John joins in on live events and showcases other creators. The #F3DPCH banner on the right is one way that John raises awareness of other creators.




John collaborates with the community...


John is an active member in the #F3DPCH hangout livestream where a panel of Content Creators co-host and discuss 3D Printing related topics every other Friday night.

John also collaborates with other YouTubers such as this piece that he cut out on his DIY CNC and sent it over to Average Joe's Woodworking for him to finish.




John is on a Quest for Knowledge...


John's current book is Primal Branding by Patrick Hanlon as suggested by Brian G. Johnson of John has also read Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk and is finishing Gary's first book Crush It.


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