Community Advocate


F3DPCH Co-Host


John (UDoIt) is a co-host of F3DPCH (Friday 3D Printing Community Hangout). F3DPCH supports and involves the maker community who specializes in 3D Printing. The F3DPCH Community has a banner that showcases other makers in the 3D Printing community. Banner #2 is being created for next year so please send your headshots and channel artwork in to John!




Conventions and Meetups


John attended #NYMF17 (New York Maker Faire 2017) and became directly involved with the 3D Printing Community and the Maker Community. John also attended #MRRF2018 (Mid West Rep Rap Fest 2018) and #ERRF2018 (East Coast Rep Rap Fest 2018).






John (UDoIt) spoke at the East Coast Rep Rap Festival, which was held at the APG Federal Credit Union Arena in Bel Air, Maryland in June 2018. The focus of this session was why now is the most important time for makers to become content creators. The main purpose is to help inspire others. Here's the video of John's talk.




Introducing Engineering to Students


John (UDoIt) invested several years introducing elementary school students to engineering. Through an initiative offered by Siemens, employees were encouraged to help introduce students to this discipline. John immediately took advantage of this and worked with the schools 4th,5th and 6th graders to perform scientific experiments.  Read more about this here.