Co-Host of #F3DPCH



John DiStefano is a Co-Host of the Friday 3D Printing Community Hangouts #F3DPCH. John has participated in #F3DPCH nearly every week since he participated immediately following the meetup at New York Maker Faire 2018 #NYMF2018.  Did John ever tell you that he is the only F3DPCH Co-Host that only has one 3D Printer?  Ask him about that?




3D Printed Robotics


Our panel discussed 3D Printed robotics and how to rapidly develop robot prototypes using 3D Printing Technology.  Our guest Co-Host was Ross Rohrer of Gear Down for What. Chuck Hellebuyck, who is a regular F3DPCH Co-Host, provided deep insight into his open robot builds. Matt Flinchbaugh of How I Do It also presented his K2SO build.




3D Printed Robotics Part 2


This is a continuation of our previous session in which the panel discussed robotics. Our guest co-host was David Randoph, who is co-owner of  We invited David to our session at the Printed Solid Meetup held at Printed Solid in May, 2018.