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Chances are you already have a smart phone with a camera that shoots in 4k. It may not have great audio but there are some additional gear that you can purchase to help you.  Perhaps you already have a great camera that also shoots video and you'll probably want better audio. There's so many different things to invest in but you want to invest wisely. Consider for a moment that my first half of my videos were shot entirely on a GoPro Hero4 Black and that is what started bringing in income that allowed me to upgrade my equipment to better gear.


4k Video


My first camera that I used for content creation was my GoPro Hero4 Black. Later I upgraded to the GoPro Hero5 Black. I used this camera for all of my content on my channel from December 2015 until June 2017, which consists of over 120 videos.  Of those 120 video filmed on the GoPro Hero4 Black 3 of them combined have brought in over 1.3 Million views and over 5.5 million minutes of watch time.  So that right there proves that this camera is good enough for making content that will garner watchtime on YouTube. The only reason I purchased the GoPro Hero5 was because my GoPro Hero4 broken during a construction project (my fault). If I were more careful this camera would still be in my camera bag.


The audio quality on the GoPro Hero4 Black was excellent (as long as it wasn't windy). I found that when I had WiFi enabled that there were clicks in the audio due to the WiFi interference.  So I didn't use WiFi. However, the audio on the GoPro Hero5 Black was severely lacking. If you purchase the GoPro Hero5 consider purchasing external audio or an external digital audio recorder.


I used the JOBY magnetic tripod below to hold the GoPro at awesome angles to give me an edge over the competition when filming a similar video. For instance, in one video I replace a power lock mechanism in the door of my Dodge Ram. I mounted the camera inside the door cavity to show exactly how I removed the connectors.



Recording Audio at a Computer


The next investment you should make is in your audio gear. I decided to do voiceovers on some of my videos so I purchased a USB microphone for my computer by Blue called the Yeti. This microphone is amazing but my one complaint about it is that it is uber sensitive. It picks up every bit of noise from the wheels of my office chair to my computer fan. It doesn't help that my computer is directly behind the microphone, either. I use OBS to record the audio at the computer. OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) is free to use and according to many with broadcasting television experience this application is making it less and less necessary to purchase an expensive dedicated livestreaming appliance.


External Digital Audio Recording


If you want to capture audio externally you may want to use a digital recorder. This will provide you with portability.  Typically, digital recorders are powered with batteries. Some offer the ability to power with USB power. For USB power you can use an external battery pack. With a digital recorders, some are separate and some have integrated microphones. You need to decide what you want to do. Here is the equipment that I use and it has worked very well for me in the field. One drawback for using external USB power is that if you pull power prior to stopping recording the file is not closed is becomes corrupted.  Consider the importance of the event and use batteries. Replace them before the start of each event or in between sets or breaks.  You can synchronize the audio clips with the audio of the video clips in your video editing software.


When you are recording audio with the Rode interview microphone you must be aware of holding it and moving your hand around will introduce noise in your recording. Keep your hand as still on the microphone as you possibly can.


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