Speaking Engagements


East Coast Rep Rap Festival 2018 #ERRF2018


John (UDoIt) spoke at the East Coast Rep Rap Festival, which was held at the APG Federal Credit Union Arena in Bel Air, Maryland in June 2018. The focus of this session was why now is the most important time for makers to become content creators. Here's the video of John's talk.


If you make something and you didn't document it how you made it did you really make it? By documenting it you prove that you made it and you have a chance at reaching someone in the world who may be inspired by what you created. They may also reach out to you and provide you with some other ideas for you to improve the next time you create it. And sometimes other creators may share your work with others and increases your reach.


However, simply documenting it isn't sufficient. Your video can get lost in the millions of videos that are uploaded every day to YouTube and other social media sites. You need to provide others the benefit by adding the best title, best description and tagging it correctly. These things are part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will allow the video to be discovered more easily. It is also recommended to join other groups and become part of the community of like minded creators. Within those groups you should share your own content so others can discover your work. You must be your own marketing person.


Creating your first video or blog is the hardest thing to do. After that it becomes easier and you get better each video and blog you create. You'll eventually want to become better at creating content and there are many content creators out there who focus on creating content for you to learn how to create better content. Names that come to mind include Roberto Blake, Owen Hemsath (Owen Video), Nick Nimmin, Derral Eves, Tim Schmoyer, Sean Cannell and Evan Carmichael. These creators specialize in helping you do things the right way. At one point they were doing things their own way and not taking any advice from experienced peers who already had better ways of creating and posting content. Remember, every creator starts with zero followers and zero views. Some grow faster than others for a slew of reasons. These creators take their best practices and share them with you so you can become better at a faster ran than they did when they first started.