STEM for Students


Introducing Engineering to Students


John (UDoIt) invested several years introducing elementary school students to engineering. Through an initiative offered by Siemens, employees were encouraged to help introduce students to this discipline. John immediately took advantage of this and worked with the schools 4th,5th and 6th graders to perform scientific experiments.


At one point the program was no longer a priority for Siemens but John continued the practice at a much higher level for the 6th grade students. John along with the help of the East Greenwich School Board Association, East Greenwich Home and School Association, Susan Heritage and other 6th grade teachers purchased the Lego Robotics Kits that the students would use. Susan and John spent many nights over the summer creating a curriculum that was presented to the East Greenwich Board of Education.  They were excited to include this as part of their curriculum as it exposed the students to STEM with a hands on approach. Every Friday the students would perform exercises with imperfect hardware and experience real life engineering challenges and try to compensate and develop and employ sufficient work-around solutions.




Robotics STEM Curriculum


John and his wife Sherri launched a LEGO Robotics STEM Curriculum together with the help of Science Teacher Susan Heritage at Samuel Mickle Elementary School in Mickleton, NJ.  John and his wife donated 10 LEGO Robotics Mindstorm kits for this program that helped to influence the students to participate in STEM.